Gauge Screenshots
Turn your iPhone into a wireless gauge and data logger! The OT-2 Gauge allows you to view and record your choice of critical engine information such as RPM, TPS, MAP, IAT, and timing advance and more! Share your data by emailing your logs instantly to friends, tuner or anyone else.
Dyno Screenshots
The OT-2 Dyno function allows you to measure the performance of your vehicle quickly and accurately. This includes 0-60 acceleration, HP calculation, Acceleration G's, 1/8th and mile times and more! Find out how much power your performance modifications add without the cost of renting a dyno. Share your results by emailing your dyno test!
Scanner Screenshots
Does your check engine light come on regularly? The OT-2 device is a powerful OBDII scan tool. Wirelessly scan your vehicle for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), view and clear in seconds! Quickly diagnose simple problems and save money on costly diagnosis and repairs. The OT-2 also performs "Emission Tests Status" checks to let you know if you're vehicle is ready to get smog tested.
Efficiency Screenshots
Learn to drive more efficiently! The OT-2 features a built-in efficiency meter that trains you to use less fuel by keeping the tree green. Automatically calculate, track and graph your fuel economy and expenses over time. Simply input your cost at each fill-up and watch your spending and carbon footprint shrink!

The OT-2 is a simple device that wirelessly connects your iPhone or iPod Touch to your vehicle. When used with the free Logworks Mobile app, the OT-2 transforms your iPhone into a wireless:

  • Gauge or digital dash
  • Data logger
  • Dyno
  • OBDII Scan Tool
  • Efficiency Meter
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    What is the OT-2?
    OT-2 advanced features

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